Trainer Bio: Lisa Pieper

Lisa's athletic background started with different team sports during childhood which have become favorite pastimes today.  Top on the list include baseball, volleyball, and basketball (Go Hoosiers!).  Training with ONDEG has transformed a tired, overweight mother of two into one energetic Mama whose happiness centers on keeping her family happy and healthy as well.  Lisa's main focus is on implementing Crossfit methodology and Olympic Lifting.  She also credits Paleo nutrition for optimally fueling her training and accelerating the physical changes she has experienced.  Her favorite things at the gym are the people who fill it and lifting heavy things, of course.

  • Team Competition in Helena 2011
  • Bridger Showdown 2011:  1st Intermediates and "Spirit of the Games" Award
  • Phil Sanderson, US national champion and US record holder, member of 1980 Olympic team: Olympic weightlifting instruction:  July 2011
  • Sage Burgener, Junior National Champion and member of the widely-known Burgener Olympic weightlifting family:  October2011
  • Paul Dreyer, owner and head coach at ONDEG Fitness:  since October 2010
  • CrossFit level one (CF-L1):  May 2011
  • CPR/1st Aid:  May 2011
  • EMT:  January 2012

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